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在中国英文是in China。 例句: This ship was made in China. 这艘轮船是中国制造的。 It is advocated in China that a couple only has one child. 在中国,提倡一对夫妇只生一个孩子。 In China, both late marriages and late childbirth a...

在国内 domestic at home

I love you in China

这个主要得看和谁搭配: at: Liu Ying told me to wait for her at home. 刘英让我在家里等她。 in: I was reading in bed when I heard footsteps downstairs. 我在床上看着书,这时我听到楼下的脚步声。 on: I can’t find my wallet; I thin...

你好! 我是在中国 I am in China

my friend is being in China

楼主,你把翻译太格式化或者太僵化了 如果你在中国,你可以说 Are you studying here? 如果情景在外国,可以说 So you are studying in China ?

英语都是先小后大,中间用逗号隔开: 在中国广东: In Guangdong, China.

1 Beijing is in the north of China 北京在中国北部 2 Russia is on the north of China 俄罗斯在中国的北面 3 Japan is to the east of China 日本在中国东面 (看你需要哪个)

英文原文: It locates in the north of China. It is in the north of China. 英式音标: [ɪt] locates [ɪn] [ðə] [nɔːθ] [ɒv; (ə)v] [ˈtʃaɪnə] . [ɪt] [ɪz] [ɪn]...


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